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2.2 man

In Poetry, The State of Now on January 21, 2010 at 4:25 pm

I chuckle when I see the 2.2 man with child in hand and tribal design as a sign that he’s free, as he pays for that mortgage and for his wife to go under the knife.  What a frivolous display is that permanent fashion accessory, it makes me laugh, you think you’ve got balls putting a picture on your body that you wouldn’t ever put on your wall.  You gave up your freedom for security and quiet rebellion that you express on the weekend, as you root for your team, be back by ten, said your wife, as the condition to let you go out, who’s running your life?  A scared little bitch you’ll show the world you’re still down, with the twitch of a needle, so diluted from the original intent, your protest transparent, a temporary break before you validate your commitment to safety, conformity and submission to the state.