Liquid Plummer

The Birth of Lady Gaga

In Tales from the Now, The State of Now on July 4, 2010 at 1:21 pm

After Marlyin Manson fucked Modanna in the ass the
fecal-infected anal spooge that ran down her leg got sopped up with a
shamwow then thrown into a nuclear waste dump where it fused with
toxic drainage and germinated into the radioactive mutant pop rock
deformity better known as Lady Gaga. I’m just sayin.

  1. I’ll agree with you in the sentiment that Lady Gaga’s songs are not exactly grade-A material, but come on…give the girl a break. She isn’t the prettiest thing to look at but she CAN sing. Hell, she went to NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts…gained early admission even. She has studied voice, she can sing and has really (in my opinion) made it in the music business. She has said she is influenced by Queen and Bowie, amongst several others. I do not count Gaga as one of my favorite artists (I’m more of a Phish, Lynard Skynard, Grand Funk Railroad type of guy) but I do respect her talent.

    Yes, I know…this is Cranky Commentary. It certainly is Cranky and it certainly caused a rebuttal.

    • I really don’t even pay attention to her enough to care. It’s really just an onslaught of depravity conjured up witnessing one of her videos and seeing the parental visual and stylistic resemblance that influenced my conjecture. Go to my side bar and look for “Sarah Palin and a Shart”, same kind of thing.

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