Liquid Plummer

The New Community

Whether its politics, religion or even something as trivial as a sports team, once you’ve decided you “are” something you separate yourself from others who have decided they “are” something else. This kind of thinking predisposes your resistance to new information because you have already made up your mind that your thinking and understanding of the world is the only way that is correct. When you decide your beliefs are the only truth you close yourself off from anything that challenges or opposes your views. This unwillingness to accept new information or reevaluate your understanding restricts any exchange of discourse and ultimately leaves you ignorant. Separating ourselves with strong affiliations to race, religion, politics, and cultural differences or traditions keeps us segregated and ultimately doomed from coming together for the common good of all man kind. I believe that rooted within us all and beyond what we “believe” is a universal desire for love, safety and happiness. When we can all pursue these motivations for each other as well as ourselves with the understanding that everyone is entitled to these certain universal human necessities, there will be an end to fear, war, anger and hatred. If the goal is for everyone to win, then everyone wins.

  1. I agree that if one believes his or her views are the only truths, they become more ignorant. Unfortunately this process if facilitated by overly-prideful group affiliations, such as those you mentioned: religion, politics, race, etc. We all need love, safety and happiness, but I’m not sure if we’ll ever reach such an ideal. I hope for such a state of humanity, but it’s almost impossible for me to imagine with the current state of our existence.

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