Liquid Plummer

Gods of War

The wars all continue for dirt and for sand.
The say it’s their god who gives the command.
A right to the land they reference their book.
They’d see it’s a lie if they would just look.

Their teachings their gods all stolen from others.
Thousand of years before all their mothers.
The stories were told to honor the sun.
Apostles the stars that follow the one.

The stories are there to guide and protect.
You use them for fear your intentions direct.
You enslave the poor souls who believe what you say.
They trust and they hope it’s them you betray.

The god that gave light and heat is the one.
You use as your reason to send off our sons.
To die and to kill no god would support.
Another dead body to fill your report.

Behind their commandments, beliefs and traditions.
Most people have died in the name of religion.
Beyond all their knowledge of what they think real.
Their thoughts the blockade to the truth unrevealed.

God is no man, no person, no thing.
No name, no spirit, no son of the king.

The thing that makes life is not what you think.
It’s there if you look deep inside is the link.
It binds us together we’re one in the same.
Stop killing your brothers the excuse in his name.


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