Liquid Plummer

The Relationship Guide: Part 2 – How to Get There

Rule 3

Look for The Look.

Whenever you go out be aware of your surroundings and be especially aware of PEOPLE THAT ARE LOOKING AT YOU. PEOPLE THAT ARE CHECKING YOU OUT ARE DOING SO BECAUSE THEY LIKE WHAT THEY SEE.

I can hear the pathetic losers now. “Nobody looks at me”. Bullshit. Unless you look like the hunchback of Notre Dame, there are people in the world who like your ugly ass. You are most likely not paying close enough attention or don’t realize what is happening when someone is checking you out.

Rule 4

Be proactive.

People do find you attractive. When someone is looking your way. GO TALK TO THEM.

Say hi, introduce yourself, ASK THEM THEIR NAME, BE NICE and GET A PHONE NUMBER.

If you’re unsuccessful, don’t take it personal. Do you find every person you see attractive? Of course not, so don’t expect everyone to find you attractive.

If you are successful and are in a position to take it to the next level on the spot, do so by asking if they want get some coffee or get a drink. If not, SAY GOODBYE AND WALK AWAY. Call them the next day and set up a date.


One thing I think is interesting and what you should always be aware of is, you are constantly throwing off vibes that women pick up on. I’m always surprised at how often I get an opportunity to meet a girl when I am not thinking about, well, trying to meet a girl. I’m not the first one to talk about this phenomenon but I have to include it because it’s so fucking true. Women can tell when you don’t give a shit about what they’re doing and it activates their instinct to be the center of attention.

When you’re preoccupied, your body language and demeanor are relaying the message that you’re not paying attention to them, and it drives them crazy.  This is especially true for girls that think they are “all that”.  Pretty girls get a lot of attention, and probably have their whole life.  If you don’t give them that attention it does something to their brain and you can almost see them thinking to themselves. “Why isn’t this guy checking me out”.

Many of life’s interactions have a lot to do with being able to capitalize and manipulate situations in your favor.  The point I think you should consider more than just trying to score is that we are genetically predisposed to certain behaviors.  The female gender has hundreds of thousand of years of instinct driving their behavior to attract a mate and procreate. The male gender has as many years of instinct to plant their seed.  Men have the need to pursue, women have the need to be pursued.  How is this relative to our discussion.  If you recognize this you can use it to your advantage when you find yourself in the vicinity of a girl that you might think is out of your league.

For some reason, when girls don’t get the attention they think they deserve, they seem to need to know why, this insecurity is your opportunity to show her the value you have and what she may be missing out on.

Ask them about something totally unrelated to dating. Where to find an item they have in their grocery cart, or commenting about what their reading in the checkout line, are good ice breakers. Of course, giving them this attention can backfire. As soon as they realize you are interested it relieves their initial feelings of insecurity and she’s back to thinking she’s all that and you aren’t so intriguing anymore. Oh well, you can’t win em all.

This discussion applies to the ladies as well. If you see someone you like, go talk to them, some guys are just shy or fear rejection, take the initiative instead of relying on us to have our radar set to pick up the ever so subtle signals you love to send instead of opening your freaking mouth.

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