Liquid Plummer

Do Homosexuals Choose to Be Gay?

In short my answer would have to be unequivocally, no.

First of all, it assumes that Homosapians are born heterosexual and continue to be as such until some point at which they make a conscious choice as to which stimuli activate their urge to participate in sexual intercourse.

Are we to assume that this portion of the population posses some innate mental capacity that the rest of the population has either been deprived of, or simply chooses to ignore?

If we are to conclude that certain members of the population have the ability to mindfully control their preference when considering their sexual partners, we are then to assume then, that this preference can be identified as one that can be manipulated at will.

Based on this, are we not then forced to conclude that the remainder of the population has at it’s discretion the same considerations and therefore the same option of will manipulation, so as to reach the desired outcome.

If you can choose to be gay, the rest of the population must invariably be choosing to be straight, and logically, have at their discretion the choice to make an alternative decision.

Are we to assume then that the entire population that participates is sexual activity is making a conscious mental choice to ignore or avoid sexual stimuli they deem to be undesirable?

Does the population, as a whole, have at it’s discretion, the mental faculties to manipulate their will, to the point where they are consciously free to choose the gender, which will instill the amount of sexual stimulation, needed to be aroused, to the point where they are willing to engage in sexual intercourse?

In order to examine this hypothesis personally, ask yourself this question. Whichever gender you are attracted to, do you think that there could be something that would make you change your mind and somehow stimulate you to the point where you would consider the action of intercourse with the alternative gender?

I believe that if you’re a straight male, you are not, and, barring a small percentage of the population, never will be, sexually stimulated by the male gender, no matter how much you try to manipulate your will to the contrary.

If you are a man and can get sexually aroused by the appearance or thought of another man, you’re gay, If you can’t be sexually aroused by the appearance or thought of another man you are not gay, and there is no level of mental manipulation you can participate in that will enable you to make an alternative choice in either situation.

Keep in mind I have taken into consideration members of the population that are bi-sexual and are therefore stimulated by both genders.

I consider this argument to be unsubstantial based on the fact that the sexual preference of the overwhelming majority of the population is mutually exclusive.

If you believe this discussion, or any of my assertions, to be intellectually dishonest, or my conclusions in any way bias or otherwise influenced, I encourage any and all discussion, opinions, discourse or additional information that will increase my level of understanding on this subject.

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