Liquid Plummer

Fuck You Tyra Banks

Flipping through the channels Friday afternoon I stumbled upon The Tyra Banks show. It’s really hard to pay attention to the topic at hand with a woman this stunning taking up the majority of a thirty two inch television screen. I have to admit I have an affinity for women with exotic features and holy smokes, Tyra Banks is one phenomenal looking woman. This makes my contempt for her behavior on this day all the more difficult for me to make part of my permanent record, so that one day, I will have outsmarted myself out of yet another sexual encounter. Yeah right.

Let’s start with the setup. Sitting on stage we have a group of about ten teenage girls, who, to put it lightly, are extremely average looking. The topic at hand, “sexting”, why they do it, and who they do it with? A few of them say they do it with their boyfriends, and a few say they feel they need to do it to get a boyfriend. Now I’m not going to sit here and say that I think that this is a good idea for anyone, let alone underage girls, to do. These are images that could end up in the world of cyberspace for at least their entire lives and conceivably the longevity of humanity as we know it.

The portion of the show I take issue with, is when the purveyor of hypocrisy and delusional host, decides to take the stage next to her ever forthcoming guests, wearing what, with a conservative estimate, is probably in excess of twenty thousand dollars worth of hair, make up, and wardrobe, not to mention the lighting required to highlight said enhancements. She then proceeds, with an insulting amount of delusional empathy and self righteousness, to assume the role of social barometer, as she questions the motivations of girls who send naked pictures of themselves to their current or prospective significant other.

Wake the fuck up Tyra. These girls are engrossed in an environment where the proliferation of sexual images and videos, of the previously obscure, into positions of stature and fame, has not only been accepted, it is encouraged and considered an essential component on the path to super celebrity. In the process of ignoring their reality you single-handedly insulted and degraded these girls a million times more than any anonymous 200k jpeg.

Not to mention you are a staunch representative and poster girl for an industry whose very existence is dependent on, and intentionally participates in, the act of destroying the self esteem of young girls and women for the sole purpose of manipulating them into purchasing your fucking snake oils in the form of makeup and anti-aging sludge.

No outfit or make-up combination will ever give these girls your selective genetics and perfect bone structure. You insult them and yourself by questioning their tactics, when their self image has been sabotaged by the very industry that has allowed you to be a world famous, super model, millionaire, with men falling over themselves just to sniff your dirty fucking underwear.

Furthermore, you do you the entire human race a disservice by avoiding the reality of the situation, which is, we are not all beautiful. As hard as this is for people to accept, these girls will never be as beautiful as Tyra Banks and that’s just the way it is. If you had any real respect for them and the thousands of other impressionable girls watching, you would have told them that they are just like you, needy and superficial.

We all need love, but when you realize that need is based more on security and the instinct which compels us to procreate, you will see the need for this interaction for what it really is, a vehicle to support our fragile, helpless ego’s and to make babies.


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